DSFW: Lecture from style coach Chiara Spruit

Style coach Chiara Spruit will look for your personal style together with you. Last year she was one of the VPRO’s Future Fashion Pioneers: people who will make the clothing industry more sustainable

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DSFW: Lecture from style coach Chiara Spruit

How do you build your ideal wardrobe, select what you want to keep and do you make new discoveries in your own cupboard? Chiara gives you tips on how to discover your identity and how to match this with your wardrobe. You make a step-by-step plan how you can determine your style and fit in an innovative way. And you get handles to combine at home with the clothes that you already have.

During the workshop you can also ask your help, Chiara will treat a number. You can bring a piece of clothing that you find difficult to combine. Is it a bad buy or can you do something with it? You can also bring your favorite item of clothing, Chiara will tell you how you can combine it in other ways. In short, a workshop full of inspiration and new insights!

Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

The Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week will be held for the 6th time from 4 to 13 October! 10 days in which it's all about awareness in the field of sustainable fashion. Because it must be done differently is clear. The clothing industry is extremely polluting and we all throw far too much away. With the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week we want to show in a fun way how things can be done differently! And that is very diverse and varies from; spend longer on your clothes, recycle, repair, buy less, consciously buy, exchange, second-hand and buy clothes from sustainable materials and brands.

Photographer: Valerie Spanjers