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Friday 13 September

  • This is an extraordinary story. Over two years ago Fatma was this excited about Amy's in the Markthal Rotterdam that she immediately tipped off the arrival of a foodhal in Deventer. Iris and Rogier (Amy's) asked her to become shopmanager. Now, two years later, we say goodbye to Amy's and Fatma will take the lead!

    We proudly present: YOF! Still dairy and sweet, it's yoghurt+fruits. Still biological and healthy. But Fatma also brings Turkish Delight, baklava and other sweets. It has always been Fatma's dream to own a little store in sweets. Now here she is!

    Fatma, welcome (back)! <3


    Dessert platter | Waffle with fresh fruit - baklava - slice of pie of the day - Turkish fruit - FroYo

    Smoothies | Different fruit and yogurt smoothies


    Energy Boost | Granola - walnut - cranberry

    Fruity Fruity | 3 types of fresh fruit

    Carmelita | Stroopwafel - Daim - salted caramel sauce

    Chocolate Lover | Choco crisp - Oreo - Chocolate sauce


    Winter Glow | Cinnamon sugar - pecan - salted caramel sauce

    Chocolate Dream | 3 types of chocolate and chocolate sauce

    Merry Berry | Raspberries - cherries - blueberry puree

    Banana Nutella | Nutella - slices of banana


    Fresh fruit | Fresh fruit with or without a bit of frozen yogurt or whipped cream

  • Erik and Gillian are masters in the small dishes. They have put recipes side by side, drank beers and threw them with chairs. This is how Pub grub came into existence.

    Pub & comfort food that makes you happy. Fresh and organic. For vegetarians and carnivores. Come and get it!


    Spare ribs | Marinated in Davo beer

    Chicken wings | Tender chicken wings

    Soulplatter | Spare ribs - chicken wings - coleslaw - barbacoa

    Nachos | Veggie or with meat

    Quesadilla | Veggie - meat carnitas - meat barbacoa

    Mexican platter | Nachos - quesadilla - corn tortilla carnitas

    Steak & cheese bun | Slider with steak and melted cheese

    Sloppy Joe bun | Slider with stewed minced meat

    Mini tortilla | with carnitas or barbacoa

    Brownies | Homemade with whipped cream and caramel sauce

  • At YOF. Bakery, you won't find a loaf of bread, but you will find lots of goodies to eat straight away! Or to take with you and enjoy it at home.

    From different types of cookies to savory Börek with feta and spinach. From Simit and Gözleme to all kinds of cheesecake, baklava and real Turkish fruit. At Fatma you discover all the goodies that the bakery has to offer!


    Turkish Fruit | Melon - Pomegranate / Currant - Almond - Cream Pistachio - Rose leaves - Nutella Brownie - Blue Berry - Turkish coffee

    Baklava | The tastiest in Deventer!

    Börek roll | With feta or spinach

    Layered bread | Delicious savory snack

    Sweet goodies Cake with apple filling and almond shavings, cake or muffins!

  • Attention meat lovers! Joyce and Glenn provide your portion of protein at The Meat Factory. You can taste the freshest, juicy burgers here: home-made from beef, lamb, or chicken (and all halal). Grilled in their impressive charcoal oven.

    You can have it built entirely to your liking, by choosing from different types of bread, cheese, sauce and other toppings. Or enjoy the big boy with his eight: a citizen of 1 kg!



    Choose from a beef, chicken or lamb burger.

    American Burger | bacon, cheddar, fried egg, bbq sauce

    Mexican Burger | jalapeños, cheddar, nachos, guacamole

    Greek Burger | cucumber, red onion, feta, olives, tzaziki

    Spanish Burger | salami, chorizo, red onion, tomato, pepper, aioli

    French Burger | arugula, cream brie, truffle mayonnaise

    Dutch Burger | onion, pickle, tomato, Old Amsterdam, Groningen mustard mayonnaise

    Asian Burger | sour cucumber and red onion, peanut sauce, bean sprouts, fried onions

    Italian Burger | arugula, tomato, mozzarella, pesto mayonnaise

    Beyond Burger - VEGAN | red onion, tomato, guacamole (vegan)


    Entrecôte | grilled sirloin steak (225 grams) with fried vegetables, herb butter and fried egg

    Rib Eye | grilled rib eye steak (250 grams) with fried vegetables, herb butter and fried egg


    Double Bacon Burger | beef burger with double portion of bacon, bacon sauce, cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce and tomato

  • At Hang Loose you can enjoy the most delicious cocktails. Completely in Hawaii style, really chill. With or without alcohol! Our cocktail specialists mix them all for you. So order your drink, chill in the beach chairs and enjoy!


    Wagging 0570 | The flavors of Deventer

    Aged Mai Tai | Citrus, fruity, Tiki

    **Bloody Mary * | Herbal, intense, classic

    Long Island Iced Tea | Citrus, intense, modern classic

    Chipotle Ciapi | Citrus, fruity, chipotle

    Honey Breeze | Wine cocktail, honey infused port


    Aperol Spritz | Bittersweet, orange


    Watermelon Nojito | Watermelon, mint, lime, cane sugar, ginger ale

    Virgin Cucumber Gimlet | Cucumber, lime, elderflower

  • Marion has been known to her family and friends for years for her delicious cooking skills. In her African Massala kitchen, she can really show her passion! You order delicious African snacks and dishes - from all over the continent!


    African snacks | Chappati - Akara - Spring rolls - Baked banana - Sambusa

    Beef | Beef with carrots, rice, fried banana and cassava fries

    Fish curry | Fish curry with coconut milk, mushrooms, rice, fried banana and cassava fries

    Chicken fillet | Chicken fillet with eggplant, rice, fried banana and cassava fries

    Bean mix | Brown and white beans with eggplant, coconut milk, rice, fried plantain and cassava fries

    Spinach | Spinach and peanut sauce with coconut milk, rice, fried plantain and cassava fries

    ** Massala Platter** | Platter with Sambusa, Chappati, Akara and Spring rolls

    ** Massala Omelette ** | Omelet with eggplant, zucchini or bell pepper, served with homemade Bagiya


    ** Masala Chomo Bites ** | Seasoned minced lamb on a stick with cassava fries, plantain or chapati wraps

  • Joyce and Glenn's second kitchen in Fooddock is a fact! Lovers for fried food can make a happy dance with these epic fried snacks. From loaded fries to exclusive snacks: it's all yours, baby!



    Frietje | with mayonaise or ketchup

    Sweet potato fries | with mayonaise or ketchup


    Loaded Chili Cheese fries | chili, cheddar cheese sauce, grated cheese, guacamole, sour cream

    Fish and Loaded Fries | kibbelingen, remoulade sauce, lemon

    Spicy Piri Piri | chicken piri piri, pepper, onion, cucumber, piri piri sauce

    BBQ Jackfruit | VEGAN, jackfruit, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red onion, vegan mayo


    With 3 special selected sauces

    Meat board | chorizo croquette, Iberico ham croquette, black angus croquette

    Fish board | shrimp croquette, lobster croquette, cod croquette

    Veggie board | mushroom croquette, porcini croquette, truffle croquette

    Cheese board | feta stick, Goudse chees croquette, old Amsterdam bitterbal, goat cheese croquette, tomato and mozzarella croquette

    Beer board | La Trappe bitterbal, Schafuyt bitterbal, Leffe bitterbal


    Fries and chicken nuggets | with mayonaise, apple sauce, a toy, colouring page and pencils