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Hieper de Pieper

Michel is the face of Hieper de Pieper.

'Natuurlijk Smullen' was the very first biological snackbar of The Netherlands, grown from the belief in honest, sustainable products and biological entrepreneurship. From all this Hieper de Pieper was born.

There aren't many catering businesses that have something to offer for all varied eaters and dieters. Hieper de Pieper does have that! 70 percent of their products is home made. People who conciously choose their nutrition, also want the opportunity of happy snacking! Hieper de Pieper gets that!

Above all: If you sell biological products, you should drive biological as well. The snackbar's aggregate runs on recycled frying oil. And the engine of the truck even runs on it! This makes them unique!

Enjoy biological potatoes with Hieper de Pieper, happy snacking!

Vegan Vegetarian Gluten free
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