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At Fooddock you'll find tasty food stalls where everybody can enjoy his or her favorite meal.
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Hieper de Pieper

Hieper de Pieper has the passion to let people taste that fast food is tastier, purer and healthier with honest, organic, vegetarian and gluten-free products. The responsible products are pure nature and better for animals and the environment. This is not only healthier, but above all much tastier!



** Fresh fries ** | with bionaise, ketchup or truffle mayo

** French fries stew ** fresh fries with stew

** Chicken thigh menu ** | fresh fries with fried chicken thighs

** Fish and Chips ** | fresh fries with fried fish

** Children's menu ** | small portion of fresh fries with fresh chicken nuggets


** Beer bitterbal ** | 6 bitterballen with beer ragout

** Beef croquette ** | organic beef, also available on a sandwich

** Potato Twisters ** | spiced potato twisters

** Hot Dog ** | American style

Vegan Vegetarian Gluten free
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