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At Fooddock you'll find tasty food stalls where everybody can enjoy his or her favorite meal.
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With Antepia, Serap and Ali bring real Turkish cuisine to Fooddock! Taste their authentic dishes with a street food touch, such as Dolma Içli köfte, lentil soup, kebap from the barbecue, enriched with herbs they brought from Turkey and lamb chops, straight from the box.

Not only the herbs come from Turkey; all the ingredients, the decoration, even the plates come from this beautiful country!

Taste, see and smell the real Turkish cuisine and culture at Antepia!

(Also vegetarian or vegan, so ask for it)


Turkish bites | Falafel - kadin budu köfte - icli köfte

12 hour lunch | Köfte or falafel sandwich with lentil soup

Turkish Pizza | Homemade Turkish pizza

Mezzes | Middle Eastern snacks, cold and hot


Adana kebap | Skewer of minced lamb

Gambatepia salad | Grilled prawns with salad

Charcoal chicken | Marinated chicken wings and chicken thighs

Sis kebap | Marinated lamb skewer

Lamb chops | Grilled lamb chops

Charcoal tasting | Tasting of charcoal dishes, also for 2 people


Chicken tenderloin | Sandwich with tender chicken from the charcoal grill, served with salad and sauce of your choice

Vegan Vegetarian
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