Food stalls

At Fooddock you'll find tasty food stalls where everybody can enjoy his or her favorite meal.
Meet our foodies here!


This is an extraordinary story. OVer two years ago Fatma was this excited about Amy's in the Markthal Rotterdam that she immediately tipped off the arrival of a foodhal in Deventer. Iris and Rogier (Amy's) asked her to become shopmanager. Today, two years later, we say goodbye to Amy's and Fatma will take the lead!

We proudly present: YOF! Still dairy and sweet, it's yoghurt+fruits. Still biological and healthy. But Fatma also brings Turkish Delight, baklava and other sweets. It has always been Fatma's dream to own a little store in sweets. Now here she is!

Fatma, welcome (back)! <3


** Dessert platter ** | Waffle with fresh fruit - baklava - cake point - Turkish fruit - tuft of FroYo

** Smoothies ** | Different fruit and yogurt smoothies


** Energy Boost ** | Granola - walnut - cranberry

** Fruity Fruity ** | 3 types of fresh fruit

** Carmelita ** | Stroopwafel - Daim - salted caramel sauce

** Chocolate Lover ** | Choco crisp - Oreo - Chocolate sauce


** Winter Glow ** | Cinnamon sugar - pecan - salted caramel sauce

** Chocolate Dream ** | 3 types of chocolate and chocolate sauce

** Merry Berry ** | Raspberries - cherries - blueberry puree

** Banana Nutella ** | Nutella - slices of banana


** Fresh fruit ** | Fresh fruit with or without a tuft of frozen yogurt or whipped cream

Vegan Gluten free
Always present