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YOF Bakery

At YOF. Bakery, you won't find a loaf of bread, but you will find lots of goodies to eat straight away! Or to take with you and enjoy it at home.

From different types of cookies to savory Börek with feta and spinach. From Simit and Gözleme to all kinds of cheesecake, baklava and real Turkish fruit. At Fatma you discover all the goodies that the bakery has to offer!


Turkish Fruit | Melon - Pomegranate / Currant - Almond - Cream Pistachio - Rose leaves - Nutella Brownie - Blue Berry - Turkish coffee

Baklava | The tastiest in Deventer!

Börek roll | With feta or spinach

Layered bread | Delicious savory snack

Sweet goodies Cake with apple filling and almond shavings, cake or muffins!

Vegan Vegetarian
Always present