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Hang Loose

At Hang Loose you can enjoy the most delicious cocktails. Completely in Hawaii style, really chill. With or without alcohol! Our cocktail specialists mix them all for you. So order your drink, chill in the beach chairs and enjoy!


** Wagging 0570 ** | The flavors of Deventer

** Aged Mai Tai ** | Citrus, fruity, Tiki

** Bloody Mary ** | Herbal, intense, classic

** Long Island Iced Tea ** | Citrus, intense, modern classic

** Chipotle Ciapi ** | Citrus, fruity, chipotle


** Aperol Spritz ** | Bittersweet, orange


** Watermelon Nojito ** | Watermelon, mint, lime, cane sugar, ginger ale

** Virgin Cucumber Gimlet ** | Cucumber, lime, elderflower

** Flower Lemonade ** | Kittel flower, vanilla and lime

Vegan Vegetarian Gluten free
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