Want to join?

We are looking for entrepreneurs who, like us, have a passion for food. In our food hall we work with a fixed community of foodies and many flexible providers. In this way we create something special together that attracts many food lovers!

We are looking for

  • ** Fixed foodies: ** You want your own place, with the space to prepare and sell your special products. You run your own food stand and become part of the regular community.
  • ** Flexible flavorings: ** You want to connect occasionally. To try something, or precisely because you want to be more flexible. This is possible, for example, at the weekend or in the summer. You sell your products when it suits you!
  • ** Event heroes: ** You want to organize something special. An event around food that attracts people from all over the Netherlands. With us you will find the perfect location.

Want to sit at our table? Mail us! info@fooddock.nl