Nice to meet you!

We are Fooddock. A platform for extraordinary entrepreneurs with a passion for food.

Zwarte Silo


The Zwarte Silo was built in 1923 as a grain storage by firm A.J. Lammers. Today, 100 years later, the Havenkwartier area has grown to ‘Small Berlin’ and the Zwarte Silo is back at its original destination: the start of the food chain.

With Fooddock we celebrate pure and honest food. We do so by providing a platform for extraordinary food entrepreneurs. Great things arise with the creative minds travelling around in their food trucks. Fooddock is the home of the food truck: every visit is a festival!

Gluten & Allergies

For people with allergies, there’s a lot to taste. Some of our kitchens are common with gluten free and vegan food. Gluten allergies come in many forms, so be sure to inform the chef about what exactly you can and cannot eat! If you are gluten intolerant, you can eat 100% gluten free at Meneer Temaki, Antepia, Yof, Hieper de Pieper, El Puerto and Sannepan. Enjoy!

Gift card

In search of the perfect gift for your foodie friends or family? Give a Fooddock Gift Card! The gift card is available at the bar. You can charge it with the value you desire.

Table Manners & House Rules

Order anything you like, you can get your food at your favourite food stands.

If you want to visit us with more than 20 people, we gladly reserve
you a spot, so let us know!

We very much appreciate it if you throw your leftovers and waste in the bins.

At Fooddock you pay with your debitcard. We do this because it’s much safer and above all: much more hygienic with all the tasty food we're serving!

The only tolerated high is a ‘foodgasm’. Drugs and self-brought alcohol are forbidden.

If you are enjoying your food your welcome to let us know (make noise, yell and party), but please do not disturb other guests!

In Havenkwartier there’s plenty of room for roller skating. In Fooddock, that’s a little too dangerous. Please put you roller skates, skateboard or hoverboard in the cloak corner. You can leave your Segways and (motor)bikes outside.

As much as we love dogs, it’s more convenient if they stay home. We have open kitchens, so we can't allow your furry friends inside!

Violence or theft is an absolute no-go at Fooddock, in such a case we immediately alarm the police.

At Fooddock there are numerous possibilities! Please consult if you want to:

  • Hold a survey, recruit or collect money;

  • Put up or share press-work;

  • Play music at Fooddock;

  • Make video footage for commercial purposes.

In the case of a violation or our rules, supervisors, security or police will take action.